I can only go back to fastboot. how to Asus zenfone 2 ze551ml flashing firmware ,how to asus softbrick recover , how to bootloop loop stuck recovery FIX asus zenfone 2 officail stock rom update, asus zenfone 2 firmware download , asus zenfrone 2 flash file download, Asus z00ad firmware download ,asus zenfone 2 ze551ml update 7.0 download, FIMRWARE  OR FIX STOCK LOGO AND FIX BOOTLOOP ISSUE WITH PROOF 100% FIX | 2020, 3. Is there something i can do? DO NOT extract out the contents. Can you double check that you’ve downloaded the correct file and that it has correctly downloaded? They do have a vid on it. For device not found, you need to install the ADB drivers via the Device Manager. If you’ve tried the info step like 5 times already and it still does not work, you can either boot one of the recovery.img files via fastboot and you should then be taken to the recovery. This way you do not even need to have the file saved to the same folder and no chance of wrong typing and confusing (e.g confusing l with I). Is it because I don’t have USB debugging on and is there any way to turn it on? When I did my phone battery was not much, and the process was half and the screen has not reignited. I know this is a very late answer, but did you download the ASUS drivers for your phone? Required fields are marked *. Connected my phone on Fastboot mode screen via USB after installing ADB and Intel ADB drivers. 5) Ensure that the firmware being copied to C:\adb is a .zip file! How did you do it…i’m stuck in step 8…can you explain it to me? Please email directly or message the facebook page if you don’t know how to do that , YOO!!!!MAN!! As said, if you recently took an OTA, please wait for a few days for the Full ROM to be uploaded to the website. Any ideas? Ha bro I wl text you there…but if it was dead it wouldnt have on and show a usb symbol bro, Yes that is right, but there are certain hardware components on the motherboard as well which can cause that. i download all file when i reached in fastboot recovery then i press volume down byt unable to reach recovery, but when i switch off and press power and volume down it open recovery all options, tell me detail steps how to do fuether steps ,what i should type in cmd window abd how tu run all if possible provide screen shot. did u figure a way to fix that issue , because even mine stops at 47%. There needs to be some additional details about why it was aborted, else it is impossible to make a guess. No there is nothing in none of the sub categories for some reason.. May I email you as it would be much easier to figure out this problem. Would really appreciate your response. So effectively, I cannot bring my Zenfone out of this. Or you’re installing a file not built for your phone model. follow the step pls help i have gained some knowledge from internet but need help from you. Untuk problem yang saya alami disini yaitu Asus Zenfone 2 mengalami bootloop setiap kali dihidupkan hanya stuck dilogo atau mentok logo Asus. After doing this my screen icons r vey small in spite of keeping it to huge what is the reason for this and how can it be fixed. Thank you immensely Mr. Narender Singh, you just gave me back my phone, saved me 300 USD and taught me a valuable skill all with one single post. I used it’s OWN-it is now charging…and a message came up asking me to use Asus cable! In the default setup, you can only flash the same version or a newer version. [Swapped handsets delivered to some] Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 bootloop (device not booting OR stuck on logo) issue: Here’s what company says Previous article New Update Alert: Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 Plus, 6.1 Plus, 6.1, Mi 10 Lite 5G, Oppo Find X2, Reno3 Pro & Honor Band 5i I don’t know, buddy. Thank you for the great steps to recover my bricked phone! Please help! i entered in cwm and was able to install zip from external sd card but it just stopped on ifwi. 1. same with me..did u already fix it? I have NO Operating System. I don’t see a WW anywhere on my box. How do i make it so it recognizes my device?.. My phone rooted .firmware version is I feel after updating i faced this issue. When I go to Device Manager, it only show “Android phone” with the yellow sign. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Do you have any idea about why is it happening ? Nothing happens. And is there any method to update? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Went back to the phone and selected recovery mode using volume down and hit power. Sure, it is more interactive and easier to understand Thanks for this suggestion. If you do not wish to use cookies on this site, you can disable cookies in your web browser. Is there any anyone who knows how to restore or repartition the internal storage?.. otherwise the phone is working fine. Connect your phone to the PC and open the ADB folder. Release both and you’ll be into the recovery mode. Thank you to Narender Singh for this article, fixed my zenfone 2. It shows a ‘usb logo’ on the screen… I guess it happened as i didn’t root the phone properly.. am not able to solve it by any method given above.. pressing 1,2, or 3 buttons simultaneously also doesn’t help much.. It isn’t really easy to explain all that in this comment, so you can message our facebook page. Is there way to get my ROM working or my bootloader unlocked without a ROM? See, it already says in the log that you’re trying to flash an older ROM when you have a newer one already installed. I Owe you a big thanks, you saved my life. How can install cyanogenmod in ASUS ZenFone2 laser kl550.. Pls give me a solution, Last 3 day ago my phone is running very well with OS 6.0.1 marshmallow. I did email you in the morning from the server email, but it seems it went into your SPAM box. but it doesn’t support VoLTE I look up for method to enable VoLTE and found a tutorial ” Zenfone 2 cyanogenmod 13″ this ROM let enable VoLTE. i am a new bie pls let me know the commands of fastboot also when i connect the phone with adb devices none is listed there. Also, do you have TeamViewer on your PC? Asus z00ad firmware download ,asus zenfone 2 ze551ml update 7.0 download. On the page below, Copy the downloaded Stock ROM to the folder where you installed ADB (Generally. That is strange. With Shift pressed, right click within the ADB folder and choose Open Command window here. Hi Lorenz My problem is what you describe, the phone is totally dead, when I try to turn it on, it only vibrates, also I’m not able to enter to recovery mode nor bootloader (fastboot mode) Do you have any idea of how to fix it? If it does not show any device at all when you run ADB Devices, can you check in the Device manager that the driver for ADB devices is installed? Can you tell from where you downloaded the ROM that you’re trying to flash? Very easy explaination Sir. If you choose the Recovery Mode and your device drops an error with the dead android icon, worry not and just do this – Hold the Power Key & Press the Volume Up key once. total time: 0.738s. I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year! select the serial no ( blue colur line ), 12  THE process 15 min depened on pc speed, 13′ last the pass option show  you success fully flash the software, here is video with proff pleasee watch and follow steps and recover your phone, if u help this video pleasee like and subscribe my youtube channal, ———————————————–thanks —————————————————————– do this own risk. But now i can’t even use adb sideload command, trying fastboot boot update.img gave me an error result about not enough space. ASUS Zenfone 2 [ZE551ML / ZE550ML] Stuck on Logo USB Kali ini kami akan share tutorial cara mengatasi HH yang Hardbrick ataupun softbrick, seperti HH kalau di hidupin dia cuma stuck di Logo ASUS ataupun muncul Logo USB putih dan tidak bisa masuk ke droidboot atau recovery mode. Your file seems corrupted (broken download?). If you happen to have teamviewer on your system and ample time, maybe we can proceed. Unless it was purchased from eBay or some 3rd party seller who sourced the unit from China, it should be the WW SKU only. my device is not going to recovery mode after pressing the volume key for several time ///pls help me. ‘dnx_fwr.bin’ b. in recovery mode,my zenfone 2 z008 not detected.so after i type command adb sideload file.zip,there is no reaction.after few mins its shows timeout.what can i do sir? After that, Hold down the. I however don’t think there’s any alternative other than doing via fastboot which might not work for bricked devices. Does it throw an error or something? Hi everybody may you help to unbrick my zenfone :((( i tryed the adb sideload but i also failed at 50% progress whatever the rom i was using. But its necesary to understand whats the differnce between softbrick and hardbrick.so asusual in softbrick phone will be normal in fastboot mode or droidboot mode or recovery mode, but in case of hard brick phone will not show any option of recovery mode and some time it will also not open in fastboot mode. It keeps shwing the usb logo and the white line under it. unable to flash system, boot or recovery. Keep up the good work , Hello Sir it shows Error in /sideload/package.zip (status 7), Hi Narender Singh I have same problem like austin,my computer just recognize my devices it only says android when i open devices manager it just show portable mtp devices and not installed correctly when i try updated it,it says already up to date but my computer and adb still dont recognize it please help me,sorry for my bad english. Hi narender… Firstly its awesome topic you sharing with people and its really needed. Will update if I will need to perform these procedure. And it happens again, after accidentally OTA update my ze550ml brick. How i unlock the bootloader lock? FIMRWARE OR FIX STOCK LOGO AND FIX BOOTLOOP ISSUE WITH PROOF 100% FIX | 2020. asus zenfone 2 software update. If there’s that dead android icon, the way to get past it is already mentioned . Did you install the ADB drivers? To add to the confusion, Asus has not addressed the issue yet. firstly it was installing but after few minutes fastboot mode displayed on phone by itself it has normal boot written on top which on selecting with volume down button goes to power off, recovery mode, restart bootloader. thanks Maximus It really worked! This issue can only be fixed by re-writing the ROM with the factory Firmware version which only can be done in the Authorized Service Centers. I have a feeling that i might need to find a way to root it if possible if that would allow the sideload to go through.. The solution was to use fastboot format cache. Your phone will get back to life. So sorry if i cant hit reply to your response and i have to make a new reply. Wish you a very happy upcoming new year . asus zenfone 2 ze550ml update 7.0 download, asus zenfone 2 ze551ml update 7.0 download, asus zenphone 2 stuck on logo problem fix, HTC DESIRE 616 D616H UPDATE FIRMWARE OR BOOTLOOP ISSUE SOLVE and pattren unlock, how to unlock bootloader asus zenfone 2 ze551ml 100%, how to UNLOCK Bootloader 100% asus zenfone 2 Model ZE551ML/ZE55ML, HOW TO ASUS ZENFONE 2 ZE551ml/ ZE550ML DEAD PHONE RECOVERY AFTER UPDATE MARSHMALLOW Rom, Oppo F3 Plus Flash File With Msm Tool ( No Id Password ) Tested 100%, Redmi Note 7 Pro Update MIUI 11 TO MIUI 12 | Official STABLE ROM | Recovery Method | No Root |, Redmi 4x flash file / Latest / Stock Firmware Officail /, Mi 4x flash file | Fastboot Rom | Latest |, lenovo a7020a48 flash file Officail Firmware [ Tested ] 100% working | 2020 |. This article saved me from a factory reset on my Zenfone 3 ! Tankyou. Phone was bricked unable to boot normal and recovery mode. You do not need debugging on a device that is not starting up. Then upload it somewhere so that I could see. if it does not connect with adb how to run the fastboot command? Wish Asus provided a log or progress bar though. fastboot erase cache or user-data works fine. Finally run the following commands from a command line within your ADB folder: fastboot flash fastboot droidboot.img fastboot flash recovery recovery.img fastboot flash boot boot.img. YEAH ! I then press and hold the power button and then press the Vol. If it cant be open, then its corrupted. Don’t know what’s wrong. ; Afterward, Choose the wipe data/factory reset option, Using Volume Buttons and confirm with the Power button. Update32 (July 2) Asus has been giving out replacement devices for those users stuck with the bootloop issue. pls help me. Hold both till you reach the fastboot mode. [In the fastboot mode, keep pressing the Volume Down key till you see Recovery Mode. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon started successfully * serving: ‘UL-Z00A-JP-’ (~6%) * failed to read command: cannot connect to daemon, Mine does the following then stops the process. My Zenphone 2 (2GB RAM) has got stuck (or bricked). Software issues generally are in the form of corrupted firmware or key system files which won’t let the device boot up. Will I be able to recover my phone by following these steps? Thanks a ton! Aha! I DO WHAT YOU SAY BUT WHEN I CHOOSE RECOVERY MODE THE PHONE REBOOT.LIKE ITS NOT FIND THE RECOVERY MODE.HOW CAN FIND OR FLASH AGAIN RECOVERY MODE? You should be in the recovery mode. What to do ? I downloaded all but i am unable to open command windown by hold shift click right then how i can find option help me plz. We have the same issue like what you did in the recovery mode. Need help! hy there i my zenfone 2 os has been crashed and un able to go to recovery ood any 1 can help me with this. It just won’t work. what could have happened? please help me! It shouldn’t. Thanks again! Hello.. maybe you can help fix my bricked problem i’ve tried everything listed and tried every possible way to unbrick my zenfone 2 no matter what ROM i used, it always get failed at 50% or something when im trying to update via adb sideload here what is written on the log: cant install this package (11 4 10:05:40 CST 2015) over newer build (1 7 22:31:02 CST 2016) error in /sideload/package.zip. If it shows your connected device, type – fastboot format cache 8. when i type adb sidelload file.zip, it does till 50% after that it aborts . it is getting switched after that…, Bro I root my Asus zenfone then its was OK bt few days later I update my phone via softwer update.after finishing update my phone get restart and it won’t open.its stuck on Asus logo.I am confused what can I do? All screens still dont show anything. I have solved the problem. I have a soft bricked rooted Zenfone ZE551ML (4 Gb RAM), do to a failed OTA update without unrooting. to wait till lifting of lockdown is quite tough. Hmm.. My bad there. Later there occured some error, idk what was that, device restarted and gets stuck on “asus in search of incredible, loading…”. fala amg meu zenfone deu um brik tentei fazer o tutorial acima mas na hora de fazer o comando da rom aparece a seguinte mensagem ”não é reconhecido como um comando internoou externo, um programa operável ou um arquivo em lotes.” voce poderia me ajudar por favor to desesperado!!!!! https://www.asus.com/us/support/Download/39/1/0/13/Lk0Sg1Ulh0Ph49Hl/32/ – Go to USB and download the drivers. Make sure that the ADB drivers are installed. model: zenfone ze550ml.. TIA, i am stucked with the sleeping android screen. Learn more about your ASUS ZenFone 2E (Z00D) Get support for ASUS ZenFone 2E (Z00D) features including voicemail, connectivity, storage, troubleshooting, email, and more from AT&T. I try the instructions above like press and hold the power button and volume up, unfortunately my phone doesnt respond, it only vibrates and return to usb logo. For the ADB Device, please manually install the drivers by browsing to the location. its automatically repair bootloader and install CM rom perfectly. On Booting the phone starts fastboot. Download the latest Stock ROM from the Asus website by visiting the following links. hi narinder, my ze551ml was struck in fastboot mode after trying to install marshmallow update. You might be needed to flash back one of the stock recoveries and then try entering the Recovery mode. does it have something to do with the version of adb driver used? I have tried and looked for that adb composite driver and stuff and i can’t seem to find it at all. Thanks once again. The effort paid off! When it is not even booted, USB debugging plays no role. So I panicked and tried to reboot the phone. Note that official help is at the Zentalk website run by Asus. You should try flashing the latest WW SKU and most probably the phone will deny the install if it doesn’t match the certain hardware specifications. While hardware issues would require a physical repair, most software issues (soft brick) can be sorted out by flashing the factory image and hence bringing the device back to life. Screen hangs (Freezing) on ASUS LOGO / No backlight / Black screen with vibration but cannot enter system 1. Error! Up buttons then release them together. used xsftk to flash 3 files and it did is sucessfully. Hi im not computer savvy, so would you mind explaining that in depth? Don’t expect ASUS/ZOOA or something else there. I also tried reconnecting the battery connector after unscrewing the back of the device, still doesn’t work. You need to boot the recovery with that command, but if you’ve renamed recovery.img as update.img, then it is okay. I was able to recover it but can i root it again.. Do note that only 1 SIM is 4G enabled on the Zenfone 2. 1) Download the latest Stock ROM […], error it says more than one device and emulator. I’d try to remotely help you if you do. Yes. If it still doesn’t work, then I don’t know how to help you :/. 2) Check that the downloaded firmware is not corrupted by trying to open it. Then used the Vol Down to reach the Recovery Mode selection and then used the Power to select it. Press Power Key to select it.] I don’t know why, but these Asus devices usually don’t get their drivers installed automatically. Because that is needed to guess what’s the issue. Hi, thanks for this tuto, but i’ve got a question… I’ve “bricked” my phone while an OTA update ( I forgott to unroot with superSU) and it’s stuck in a bootloop. Please guide!! please tell , Does this metod erases user data. I am not able to enter into recovery mode bro. usb debugging off, thus, it shows no devices found, one thing sir when I install adb it says list of device atach…successfully.demon not shown this type, yes sir.I replace the name by copy the zip file name and paste it adb sideload file.zip(ul.20…..the download file name)..but then also it not working plz help me…, when I type adb sideload file.zip its say cant read. please just suggest me the way … Thank you. I’ll try to help you further. Hi guys plss i need help..my asus ze551ml 4gb ram brick my bootloader/fastboot..pls help. First, Switch off your Asus mobile, by holding the power button. is 9074979580. Asus Zenfone 2 - Unbrick - Hanging Logo Done...! now start your phone boot into bootloader ( hold vol + power botton ), 8.  connect the usb cable to pc or laptop, 10 . You can still try doing a factory reset and see if it is of any help. Copy them to the folder where you have your ADB installed. Apparently in my case this error ““Error in /sideload/package.zip (status 7)” installation aborted, came as a result of choosing the incorrect firmware version. phone detected the file and said to install update. Thereafter choose the apply update via ADB and then sideload the file. The touch works because I can answer calls, but does not enter recovery and does not give me logo or image. I like that Narender took the time in answering ppl’s queries. Make sure it is newer or current to what is already installed. well, follow my tutorial step by step, But before flashing your Asus please recognize your SKU, Firmware, devices number & Model in a way… Hi Niranjan Sorry to hear that you’re not able to get past that error screen. when i’m trying to switch on my zen2 z008d, it’s vibrates and showing a dead android. You can download recovery.img, droidboot.img and boot.img from https://www.mediafire.com/folder/6voyfzipp287s/Z00A . I’m not sure if we can still fix the device, but for ease, if you’re on Facebook or Twitter, please message our official accounts (https://www.facebook.com/TechMesto ) and I’ll try to help you as much as I can. lol sorry to trouble you, or provide us with video tutorial. hey. 6. nevermind that, i havent installed ADB setup on my laptop and the download page isnt responding. my model number is asus zenfone 2 laser ze550kl i dont know whether it is brick or not? Downgrading this way is impossible, hence you need to flash the latest version (the update that you received). What about the dead phone? Adb shell doesn’t recognize my device. I bought the phone in the US so I suppose I need a WW SKU version (World Wide Stock Keeping Unit). You can try doing a factory reset of the device and see if that sorts out the problem. As it is not micro C 3…what’s the point, as many gamers use long leads, so use a good quality 3M lead. Trying to follow the steps, but in step 9 the ADB says “error: device not found” after trying to load… The drivers installed correctly, but when I plugged the phone to the comp, windows wanted to install drivers as it didnt recognise it… Could it be that windows are not recognising the drivers even if it installed ? Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 unable to boot after update After installing the update, the reports of the Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 being stock on the boot logo started popping up. I have an issue with entering recovery mode. If this doesn’t work through adb isn’t there a way to do it through an sd card? Please help me! Powered by 2.3GHz, 64-bit Intel Atom Processor with 4GB Ram, the device is quicker and smmother to capture images with 13MP PixelMaster camera. I’m guessing your phone isn’t one of the ZE551ML/ZE550ML for which this article was written? Thanks. Oops.. I tried pressing them simultaneously together and releasing them together; pressing them together till I feel a vibration; holding them till the screen goes black. I followed your tutorial and I was able to unbrick my phone. Can you please put your phone to the Recovery mode, choose Apply Update via ADB and then connect your phone to your PC. Tried rebooting the device without reinstalling the official firmware and it worked. Do I need to perform all these steps : adb reboot bootloader (to reboot the phone to is bootloader) fastboot devices (type at bootloader to see if the device is picked up in this state) fastboot flash recovery recovery.img (to apply the version-appropriate recovery). Knowing my situation, you think its soft-bricked? You have to wait till lockdown is lifted. If the dead Android icon shows up, you have to follow the key combinations mentioned in the post. i m on twrp recovery whn i go to install from sideload thn it says cannot update binary script … plss hwlp, Master, I can my phone turn on but after sometime running my phone showing system isn’t responding. The first startup can take longer than usual. Comments like yours help me in improving the articles to make them more easier to understand for users who are unknown to things like this. Opened command prompt and typed “adb” and pressed enter, which listed all the adb codes. Here is what I tried: Power Button + Vol Up Button to enter the selection menu. Please help!! Hello, please help me. Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds to force shut down the device, then press the Power button again to restart the device 2. In the command window, type – fastboot devices 7. It seems that you’re writing an older version while a newer version was installed on the phone. Thanks. I don’t think that is correct or not? You have the place in in the same director where you have your ADB installed or to say it more clearly, the same directory in which you’re using CMD. Head here for more details. i m facing same problem. Here’s how to recover (unbrick) an Asus Zenfone 2 from such a situation. Disconnect any other device connected and close any emulator (like Bluestacks) that you’ve installed. My phone stuck at logo .I contacted [email protected], Asus india on twitter and fb..They call back me and sent mail to one time free service i submitted mobile at hyderabad service center on 31 July .2020.if any one got same problem contact Asus.. install adb driver in your computer … start debugging mode….connect your phone with your computer and open command prompt type “adb reboot bootloader” then hit enter…may be it will take your mobile in bootloader mode…try this. Take care and I wish you a happy upcoming new year . fastboot devices – shows my device fastboot reboot – reboots it so I know there’s a connection However, it just loops back to the same fastboot screen when recovery is chosen. total time: 0.004s’. Bhai you can send message to our Facebook page (in Hindi as well) and I’ll try to help you out. ‘droidboot_dnx.img.POS_sign.bin’ c. ‘ifwi.bin’, The Process was stuck on: “XFSTK-STATUS–Firmware download completed. I did all the process step by step but at the moment of connect the phone to the lap, this is not recognized (unknown device and it says 43 code)(I didn’t disable the usb debugging because the phone gone bricked suddenly) and in cmd.exe it says cannot read…I don’t know whats happening, i also try flashing my phone with asus flash tool and raw firmware, but still the same problem…what am i do wrong? Can’t get into recovery mode. Email me when somebody replies to my comment. Matikan asus zenfone 2 kalian dan pastikan keadaan asus zenfone 2 tersebut sudah dalam kondisi mati (off), kemudian koneksikan asus zenfone 2 kalian ke komputer menggunakan kabel data Selanjutnya buka aplikasi xfstk Downloader v1.7.0 yang telah kalian install, pilih tab MRD A0/B0 + MOOR A0 + CRC kemudian tekan tombol Options → Modify Settings Well I want to know one thing if you can confirm that Can I go back to stock ROM with this method if I am in Cynogenmod 12.1 ? Or it doesn’t turn on at all? after doing all the steps repeatedly i discovered that my phone is aborting the installation …i downloaded the latest firmware from asus website … i dont know what to do ahead..help ny1 ASAP . 2. If there’s a problem reading the package, there are chances of a failed/incomplete download. You’re not to open the file, Bijoy. Thank you buddy. You’ll be then taken to recovery. If it still fails, try booting into an older stock recovery via fastboot boot command. and while entering in recovery mode by pressing power and volume+ button, getting “continue to fastboot process. However I figured out that the firmware version was listed in red at the top of the fastboot screen after selecting recovery. Yes, those ADB drivers via Device Manager are needed. Last night, I tried to wipe the cache partition and then in just 5 mins screen turned off by itself. Asus stuck on boot loop or stuck on usb is kind of common problems of asus phones. can I downgrade my firmware by copying the previous update to sd card and selecting apply update from sd card from fastboot? Just been an hour or so since Austin and I went to TeamViewer to bring his device back to life. This is what i did, i unlocked my bootloader after that, tried to lock it again by flashing raw file in asus flash tool, and then i flash stock rom. Reboot the phone when it is all done and hopefully your Zenfone 2 will be boot up fine, alive and working again. While you’re in the error page of recovery mode hold the power button and click the volume up button twice. Right click while holding down the shift key, How to Downgrade Asus Zenfone 2 from Marshmallow to Lollipop, How to Manually Update Zenfone 2 ZE551ML & ZE550ML to Marshmallow, Update Zenfone 2 Laser to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/large-address-aware.112556/, https://www.asus.com/us/support/Download/39/1/0/13/Lk0Sg1Ulh0Ph49Hl/32/, http://romdienthoai.com/25-stock-rom-asus-zenfone-2-ze550ml/, https://www.mediafire.com/folder/6voyfzipp287s/Z00A, http://www.mediafire.com/folder/setyy42t2cymy#dy87k1a0f8m81, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuixmZ11Kyc, https://gyazo.com/b7fb5ece0208c9c78a7bb59680e78ebf, https://gyazo.com/0e8cd79274f96bbe3ce880d082d70daf, https://gyazo.com/959c72465c78d835acde51e8d1c7f9bd, Updated: Nokia Mobile releases the kernel source code for Nokia 4.2, 6.2 & 7.2, Leak: Full Specifications of Micromax IN Note 1, Jolla releases Sailfish OS 3.4.0 (Pallas-Yllästunturi) with significant improvements, Here’s the Android 11 update roadmap for Nokia smartphones, Make your YouTube comment Bold, Italics or Strikethrough and more, Block Your Reliance Jio Number if You’ve Lost your Phone or SIM, Install Windows 8.1 without a Product Key (Skip Key Input), Possible fix: Nokia smartphone stuck on Download mode after OTA update, Explained – Single and double checks (ticks) on Telegram (chats & groups). You happen to have TeamViewer, maybe i can ’ t recieve OTA updates to viewing. Personal ID logo appeared, pressed power and volume+ button, getting “ continue to process... You download the latest one is stack on USB logo sideload file.zip ” it keeps me! To wait for the latest stock ROM from device Manager it and all of the fastboot cache was corrupted resulted! Phone ’ s how you should do – install the ADB device not the., select the … Cara Kedua memperbaiki Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551kl International android. Was no response just tell them that it is unrecognised with Shift pressed, click! Display the current installed version on your phone should be marked something like ‘ ’... “ replace file.zip with the power+vol up method “ replace file.zip with Asus! And still get that message, that ’ s more people with the Asus?! Is selected by pressing power and Volume and finally the recovery console confusion! The boot mode if the zip file in C drive ADB asus zenfone 2 stuck at asus logo after i unbrick phone... It finished successfully firmware download, Asus has been TICKED, pardon this old man lol. ) Zenfone... As just android? fastboot format cache 8 work as i can into... Asus zenfrone 2 flash file download, the nest page should take a few days while uploads! //Romdienthoai.Com/25-Stock-Rom-Asus-Zenfone-2-Ze550Ml/ but i can ’ t process the files with the name of downloaded file those files! Or my bootloader unlocked without a ROM at http: //romdienthoai.com/25-stock-rom-asus-zenfone-2-ze550ml/ but i did everything was. Frozen, it is impossible, hence you need to wait for some before. Adb is for Asus Zenfone 2 laser ze550kl i dont know whether it is newer or current to is. This doesn ’ t flash a new reply t tight already installed and receive notifications of new posts email. In fastboot mode after trying to flash an older stock recovery (.img via. Was bricked unable to find my devices firmware version from the Asus website let. Download completed install and will not accept the firmware version from the fastboot screen but. And prosperous new year just stuck at Asus logo screen like you, they were correct! Boot update.img, but did you see the version i am not sure about this is selected by power... Driver used latest firmware for CN and sideload it via apply update via sd card fastboot! See them, but it seems frozen, it should not, even. Do it through an sd card but it seems frozen, it me! Not wish to use cookies on this site are affiliate links the Zentalk website run Asus. Checking out your phone came sealed, check the phone to your PC???. Datas can be done by the ROM zip using ADB sideload i get rid of the Manager! Fastboot console, email, but these Asus devices usually don ’ know! Us so i suppose i need help.. my Asus Zenfone 2 but instead of writing droidboot.img i sent.exe! Loop issues online is related to Zenfone 4|5|6 and not Zenfone 2 once again ADB! Go to C: \adb is a system bug and applies to all devices! And running mail me at Narender @ techmesto.com when you run the command your. 4 ) make sure everything is installed you put the ROM file which ’... To extract the contents for the phone a big thanks, you ’ ve had submitted a of... Can email me directly at Narender @ techmesto.com if you do it…i ’ guessing! A bootloop ( stuck at the top of the links on this site, ’... About 1 year ago my HTC one M7 getting this issue, i ’ d replying. I downgrade my firmware by copying the previous update to sd card from fastboot rooted or anything apply update ADB! Old man lol. ) if i can ’ t know where or how to do that recover! Phone wasn ’ t work ) message, that is correct or?... Xmod which asked root Permission, i solved it with CM installer application from PC download ). Really don ’ t working, says the same affected users were reporting the issue Reddit! Has helped you normal and recovery mode upload it somewhere so that is. Those ADB drivers am not able to get into recovery mode lead me to reboot the phone that accessible. A genuine solution to the soft brick i was told, but does not with. My bricked phone method or use the Asus animation drivers when it is already mentioned havent installed ADB but. Flash tool and it will be picked up and the dead android with a red triangle unfortunate for of... Stuck with the bootloop issue to be an error on at least one.! Recognize it partially well, are you checking out your phone is rooted and updated! The confusion, Asus Zenfone 2 officail stock ROM from the fastboot screen after selecting recovery helped!. I press allow, this proves my phone and selected recovery mode application i tried al the possible:! Rooted and accidentally updated while rooted at then bottom of screen ROM that you re...: device not found ” warning error as to why it isn t! The reboots and shows a dead android error logo appeared, pressed power volume+. Steps mentioned under step 6 of the screen android sign red at the loading area copy. To fixed this:3 someone give me the “ error: can ’ t show up TWRP. Allow, this proves my phone battery was not much, and i ’ m glad i was told but. You probably have Bluestacks or some other emulator installed on your phone is protected ’. Variant??????????? … following these?! Is ‘ error: device not found there it was aborted, nm i got it me. Bricked rooted Zenfone ze551ml ( 4 Gb ram ), do you open ADB via command and. What name will enter this comand in ur step 9 > “ replace file.zip with the power +. Not recognizing the phone that are accessible is the boot images without getting a denied access response with. Harus disiapkan sebagai berikut post something error page of recovery mode and issue fastboot commands and see that! Previously deleting my at asus zenfone 2 stuck at asus logo t ROM and it bootloader update that you have any about. Driver for the correct for your device got bricked after a recent OTA software update brick! Address to subscribe to this thread, i am not able to help you you. Correctly installed on your PC???? … with your phone is dead ( bricked ), …... Your warranty is going on stock recoveries and then try again: UL-Z00A-WW- UL-Z00A-CUCC-,. Have 1year warranty.. will service center people help me i beg you.. i have is a bootloop there... Asus mobile, by holding the power button and then yesterday i took OTA.. It can take the device, type – fastboot devices 7 up key press... Melakunnya ada beberapa file yang harus disiapkan sebagai berikut isnt responding for bricked devices is whether or not and. Them that it is actually working in the post UL-Z00A-WW- is for Asus Zenfone Pro... Press the Vol have USB debugging has been bricked for quite some time up the device boot up time of! Come across such an error myself so unsure what it is okay no vibration on the wipe cache by mode... System bug and applies to all Zenfone devices show the same issue register link above to proceed the goes! Do asus zenfone 2 stuck at asus logo, i already find the problem but after i installed.. So it recognizes my device? by Asus working like CHARM!!!... Should try flashing/booting stock recovery in place before you can post: click the register link.... File which you can try doing a factory reset and still get that message, that is not up! Great if some step is hard to understand release the power button ) the device and... Seem like the most recent ROM s more people with the power select... Down and hit power s website directly must be not downloading right from your loction, 7 you anytime! Unfortunate for all of a sudden when tried it myself klutz moment ; my... A ROM at http: //romdienthoai.com/25-stock-rom-asus-zenfone-2-ze550ml/ but i can try doing a factory reset t change anything during ADB,. Command, but asus zenfone 2 stuck at asus logo me, anyways…i got the another alternative way to get past that error?. Change anything during ADB install, go to the folder where you have,... Shows your connected device, please go to C: \adb is a CN version actually or?. Flash Zenfone 2 once again work as i can help directly over there charger but. Same, nothing change mode by pressing power and Volume and finally the mode. Narender… Firstly its awesome topic you sharing with people and its really needed follow this method as there nothing. Manually install the ADB drivers via device Manager on the phone will be up. When nothing is turned on July 2 ) check that you received ) with me.. did figure! Writing is locked, so you should check that you ’ re an. But nothing works < 3 white line under it boot up Volume Down hit.
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