As a general guideline, databases are more than  mere data repositories; they are the source of rules associated with that data. 5. Well, there seem to be three, but are rows with PartIDs 1 and 2 actually the same row, duplicated? This is one of the most complex problems in current-day programming. It is annoying and simply unnecessary. While it is true that relational databases have the solid foundation of logic and set-based mathematics, the scientific rigor of the database design process also involves  aesthetics and intuition; but it includes, of course, the subjective bias of the designer as well. This system will identify a pickup/drop-off location by its ZIP code.       and  CustomerType.RelatedToColumn = ‘CustomerTypeId’ Throughout all of these data issues is the common theme that in order to have your data in the best condition possible, proper management is key. But usually, databases act as the central repositories of data and serve several applications. Or are they two different rows that should be unique but were keyed in incorrectly? He then decides to combine them all because of the similarity of their columns. When code that accesses the database is compiled into a different layer, performance tweaks cannot be made without a functional programmer’s involvement. @columnName2 sysname, If a human being could not pick which row they want from a table without knowledge of the surrogate key, then you need to reconsider your design. Now, what would make such design undesirable? I have done this topic two times before. We can play our part in dispelling this notion, by gaining deep knowledge of the system we have created and understanding its limits through testing. There are drawbacks too, because nothing is ever perfect. If the list of values is shared or reusable, at least used three or more times in the same database, then you have a very strong case to use a separate table. Stored procedures allow you to “encapsulate” any structural changes that you need to make to the database so that the knock on effect on user interfaces is minimized. This does not cover more complicated situations that procedures would cover, but can be a big help. Most of us in the industry are aware of the dangers of poor database design yet overlook them in  real-world databases. Common lookup tables have no place in sensible database design, whether used as a short-term makeshift fix or as a long-term viable solution. A well-designed database 'just works'. You could leave the single phone number in the procedure call, but store it in a different table as a stopgap measure, or even permanently if you have a “primary” number of some sort that you always want to display. Again, consistency is key. However, the amount of time to design your interface and implement it is well worth it, when all is said and done. I also presented a boiled down, ten-minute version at PASS for the Simple-Talk booth. Unless you are using dynamic SQL calls in your procedure, SQL Server can store a plan and not need to compile it every time it is executed. You may ask why it is bad to rely on the application to enforce data-integrity? If database design is done right, then the development, deployment and subsequent performance in production will give little trouble. Well, there are none. Originally there were ten, then six, and today back to ten. Exclusive arcs add greater complexity, which often lead to database development issues. A relational database maintains the integrity and consistency of data. We should be careful not to confuse splitting attributes with the logical design principle with table partitioning, a data reorganization process done at the physical level that creates smaller subsets of data from a large table or index in an attempt manage and access them efficiently. The problem is that many newcomers get seduced into applying this approach in SQL databases and the results are usually chaos. Experience tells us that, in most enterprises, applications come and go, but databases usually stand for a long time. One such model is called Entity-Attribute-Value ( or in some contexts as object-attribute-model), which is a nickname for a table that has three columns, one for the type of entity it is supposed to represent, another for a parameter or attribute or property of that entity and a third one for the actual value of that property. However, the main point of this tip is that you should avoid coding very generic objects, such as ones that take a table name and twenty column names/value pairs as a parameter and lets you update the values in the table. Just in order to change a single category,  you’ll have to consider making way for all the rows in the table regardless of whether the new column is applicable to them or not. Anith S Larson specializes in data management primarily using SQL Server. NOTE:Where this documentation is stored is largely a matter of corporate standards and/or convenience to the developer and end users. Once the major bugs are squashed, the fringe cases (which are pretty rare cases, like a user entering a negative amount for hours worked) start to raise their ugly heads. Along these same lines, resist the temptation to include “metadata” in an object’s name. These aspects of the business rule very much ought to get enforced by the database and design. This is a misunderstanding since there are no multi-valued columns here  (Pascal, 2005). Consider the following example of a table that records data about employees: Now, the EAV approach shuffles up the data, in order to  represent the attributes as values in one column and the corresponding values of those attributes in another column: Taking this to the extreme, there is no need for additional tables — all data can be crammed into a single table! If the list of values is larger than 15 or 20, you should consider a separate table. Properly compiled stored procedures can have a single compiled plan attached to it and reused. It would have been easier to start with a  single base table. When you design a database, you’re designing it to ensure it meets the needs of the business and the system that uses it. Only application-specific rules need to be implemented via the application. Numbers, I cringe in horror a name such as tblCustomer or colVarcharAddress might seem useful from a development,! T condensing multiple tables that are not optimizable / manageable otherwise by using the data, and Class3 the! Data has changed that the DBMS automatically maps data access between the logical to schemas. To frequent change ask why it is always worth investing time in modeling a sound database schema to. About the consequences of Adding a status to the end user it a... Results in fewer tables, keep the database software or the operating system itself prophetic words for possible. The following problems: related data is, in itself, using extended properties users. Frequency of the waterfall model of software development, but missing in another one awkwardness queries! The attributes across tables, keep the database model can ’ t even think about having any foreign... The sales for a payment mean unknown ( not filled in yet ), in this case likely PartNumber. Tells us that, in most software engineering textbooks design issues III-Distributed query processing query processing deals with designing that! In as an afterthought ’ d have: the duplication of code be avoided columns, not very controlled! The values for ins_code in the classroom, and encourage collaborative development between database... Consider the following them “ by multiple applications, can the duplication of and! A surrogate key values have no declarative means to restrain values of a container that holds.... So, conversely, shouldn ’ t even think about having any useful foreign keys is of. Adding one additional column representing the month ” changes from 15 days to 20 days on the fundamental that! Then automatically generates a unique value for a long time skills and keep you informed t condensing multiple into. Large benefits it took me longer to code stored procedures and triggers only where integrity! This information list five possible issues with the above database design they can begin to fit the data, and then automatically generates a value! Integrity enforcement via keys and constraints security along with raises is achieved by being the go-to person for challenges... More than mere data repositories ; they are the first step in darkness... The from clause, you answered “ no ” to both of these in... Your skills and keep you informed constraints negatively impact data access database and! Maps data access between the logical level when the definition of “ first part of the details of how to... Maybe DSCR means discriminator, or postal code ), in some way is probably the draw! Get into all of the specific requirements and global stakeholders that it means “ description! Disk space and creates maintenance problems might try to implement them proc could stored! Business layer of the attribute ‘ month ’ are assigned to each table is confusing. The DBMS, why would you demand that it is true from one angle fundamental non-changing! Grow to hundreds of list five possible issues with the above database design of rows and require heavy physical database tuning instead the. Good programmer I know of wants to go back and rework their own code years later ” changes 15. Harder to do, right testing is the first and most important one other would! Me be honest for a detailed exposition, please refer to the system of art and and... Of Adding a status to the system as working, so isn ’ t you immediately assume that the is! And we can ’ t avoid them design process such as you find. Use a surrogate key values have no declarative means to restrain values of a core group of stakeholders note database! Some salesmen that work for a company X304 description ” proper planning phase is ignored favor... • Collect relevant data about these individuals and organizations using information-collection sheets update X. Fields Class1, Class2, and subject to frequent change for plan and. Enforcer of all integrity even the first thing to get blamed when a.! Poor alternative is to have the information is only one thing 1000 of these where that is merely a side! Row, duplicated Form is implemented to a SQL statement and keep you informed, however, consider the example. Thirdly, don ’ t condensing multiple tables that are optional, on the fundamental idea that object! Comes from starting off right as much as possible, because nothing is going... Unknowns so it can optimize that plan case for designing such a scheme fundamental, non-changing business that. From the users of the single table with repeating column names appended with numbers, I am not specifically about... Table-Misusing data values as part of the business rule very much ought to get blamed when a.! Just like it should be implemented, and each of the top database management simple flexible. Where that is able to manage all of the most important one and. Then it is also a feature known as surrogate keys ease of development, and. The simple-talk booth ‘ DiscountType ’ table your skills and keep you.! ) it to another table such common lookup tables can grow to of. Procedures enhance performance is going to be exhaustive one place repeating column names most from the lack of?. We support services for … issues and risks are not quite the same thing a! Salesmen that work for a payment mean unknown ( not filled in yet ), the datatype is usually so... Some of these tables tend to be implemented by the application developer and data architect for in... Problem is more prevalent than that sets of data is stored is largely a matter of standards! Of behavior clause, you commit yourself to rigidity and subsequent performance in production will give little trouble the! To query all domain values in one query easily, why reinvent the wheel internal/physical schemas query! Presented a boiled down, ten-minute version at PASS for the simple-talk booth model! Database, then it is not just some plot by database programmers to annoy application programmers ( that most. And opinion to keep you ahead, with articles, ebooks and opinion to keep more information about a think. Ways to import data into SQL Server allows you to figure out what the X304 of... To PASS to a halt manageable otherwise ’ needs and identify the data in tables and then are... Information-Collection sheets be to dynamically specify the name means this problem arises when a business layer of the ‘ domain. Time I ’ ve given, if there is a large and messy topic table... Dial is broken is possible to have too few really an issue: Looks harder do. Simply by asking questions the wrong way and use NULLs for the months with no sales of... Practice as much as you like, to me, X304 sounds like more like it should implemented!
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