Got it. Days sales outstanding and accounts receivable was 114 days at September 30th, 2019, compared to 107 days at September 30th, 2018. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode. And then, the nature of some of those wins? The value-weighted average term of new SaaS contracts this quarter was 2.7 years, compared to 3.6 years in Q3 of last year. And secondly, just you're generating a ton of cash, really just want to just get a better sense of now that you've got so much cash on the balance sheet, any change in priorities for the use of cash? Cash provided by operations and free cash flow both reached new quarterly highs in the third quarter, as did non-GAAP EPS. Yes. Annualized GAAP recurring revenues for Q3 were approximately $740 million, up 19.5%, and on a non-GAAP basis were approximately $747 million, also up 19.5%. I heard that a little bit anecdotally. But having said that, in Q3, and we did see a bigger mix in the ERP in the cloud. And Brian, just a follow-up for you. Logo of jester cap with thought bubble. But again, this kind of the secret sauce of Tyler. [Operator instructions]First question comes from Kirk Materne, Evercore ISI. I guess, historically, you've talked about 50 to 100 bps of margin expansion annually. Our estimated non-GAAP annual effective tax rate for 2019 is 24%. In Orlando's case, for example, our team got multiple personal handwritten notes from the clients just all about the success of the implementation. In our Federal division, the MicroPact business we acquired a little over a year ago, that I'd say right now, probably the greatest pressure they're seeing is in their state market. Great. Are you starting to see that come back or is it still below historical levels? While we remain confident in our long-term outlook, there are uncertainties around the continuously evolving COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our operations and those of our clients. Organic revenue growth was 3.3% on a GAAP basis and 2.7% on a non-GAAP basis. And the way I view it, really, Kirk, is that as we're dealing with the effects of this pandemic – and we know it's going to end and we know the demand is going to be there – but every quarter that goes by, Tyler itself is getting stronger and stronger. Our execution in the third quarter was solid as we continue to build upon a strong first half of the year. Rewrites are generally not part of the Tyler strategy. But it's a part of an overall movement that we've been working on for the past year. Understood. And so, that shift is having a positive impact as well. And so, there are seasonality in Q4, both of those tend to trend to Q4 more heavily toward licenses in the cloud. So it's really a matter of priorities. Our software subscription bookings in the quarter added $10.6 million in new annual recurring revenue, up 58.9% over last year's $6.7 million. Jonathan Ho -- William Blair & Company -- Analyst. Your host for today's call is John Marr, Chairman of Tyler Technologies. ...Operator Hello, and welcome to today's Tyler Technologies first quarter 2016 conference call. Perhaps this is part of the reason but the good news is that all the business trends are there but we're still learning a little bit of the space. Subscription backlog was $592 million, compared to $488 million last year, and includes approximately $129 million related to fixed-fee e-filing contracts. Hi, Lynn, Hi, Brian. Fully diluted shares for the year are expected to be between 40 million and 40.5 million shares. Our next question comes from Tyler Wood from Northland. Our core software license and subscription revenues combined grew organically approximately 20%. This brings in our whole Connected Communities vision and things that we're already doing. Thanks. We've had some really good examples of that in the last couple of years. ReddIt. Our win rates are good across the board. Some of these expense reductions, such as sales commissions and health claims are short-term in nature, but we do expect that some savings will be sustainable. The increase in DSOs is primarily related to the timing of milestone billings under several large percentage of completion contracts, resulting in a $32 million year-over-year increase in unbilled receivables. Thanks guys. Mr. Moore, I'll turn back to you for any closing remarks. But one of the biggest initiatives this year was our e-records which was going about (45:52) the same as the CAD. ET. We are. So, it's the first time we've been able to do that. Thanks. A reconciliation of GAAP to non-GAAP measures is provided in our earnings release. As it relates to schools, in particular, I'd say that's one area right now where budget impacts is sort of constraining some deals from moving forward; it's pushing some things out. As with our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tyler demonstrated the resiliency that comes from strong and well-designed business processes and corporate governance practices. Are clients asking about AWS and having the flexibility of moving over -- move over to it? And just curious, I know some of those benefits likely come from COVID, but if we could just get some color on how that breakdown might be to think about what was a COVID benefit and what might be something that's more sustainable in terms of margin benefit? And that Tyler is better positioned than our competitors to provide innovative solutions to help our clients meet new challenges. We also signed significant Justice solutions contract with Dallas County, Texas, including a license arrangement for our Odyssey Solution for criminal and justice of the peace courts valued at approximately $8 million and a SaaS arrangement for our Jury Management Solution valued at approximately $1.6 million. But we're going to continue to be responsive. That's something that's going to continue. And I think the direct answer to your question though is no. Brian? The market expects Tyler Technologies (TYL) to deliver a year-over-year increase in earnings on higher revenues when it reports results for the … We have others that are still not fully mandatory. We have some sort of backlog of e-filing, and then, we've got commitments from some clients that are in the process of implementing case management solutions that will go live on e-filing once that system's in place. Hi. Please proceed with your question. This agreement is one of eight new SaaS contracts this quarter with North Carolina school districts under the master service agreement we signed with the state Department of Public Construction earlier this year. Tyler Technologies Q3 2004 Earnings Conference Call Transcript – 2004-10-28 – US$ 54.00 – Final Transcript of TYL earnings conference call or presentation, 28-Oct-04 12:00pm ET Although certainly in the future, there will be some billable travel and some return to on-site services, we believe that in the long-term, we'll continue to deliver a significant amount of services remotely as our experience over the last two or three quarters is proving that that can be done very effectively and clients are increasingly accepting of that model. For example, government response to the pandemic continued to vary significantly from state-to-state and even from jurisdiction-to-jurisdiction within a state, thereby making the duration and scope of business restrictions within the public sector difficult to predict. And then, Brian, just for you, you guys are executing really well on the margin front with the strong margin growth year-over-year. Go ahead. And so, there haven't been really any changes in the sales process. I think Snohomish County, Washington was a new e-filing customer. There's still significant demand in the market for on-premise, and we're going to be responsive to that demand, even as we are evolving, and moving the strategy more to the cloud. Edited earnings call transcripts of Tyler Technologies, Inc. (TYL) stock They had, I think, 15 big go-lives scheduled for this year and a number of those had pushed back a little bit just because of COVID, but we're on track to get all those done. So, looking out sort of a long time, but sort of five to seven years, right? I don't know that we're in a position still to sort of outline, you can expect this in this quarter and that in that quarter. Curious this quarter with that strength that you saw in public safety, it's getting a bit more linear and less back-end loaded, are you seeing that trend continue where you're seeing pull-through from Tyler customers that are also committing on the public safety side as well and how that's progressing? Founded in 1993 by brothers Tom and David Gardner, The Motley Fool helps millions of people attain financial freedom through our website, podcasts, books, newspaper column, radio show, and premium investing services. Yes, Jonathan, I think that's a good observation. We immediately activated our internal incident response plan, which included taking impacted systems offline to further contain the spread. And that is something that we expect to be sustainable. We expect 2019 GAAP diluted EPS will be between $3.50 and $3.63 and may vary significantly due to the impact of stock incentive awards on the GAAP effective tax rate, as well as, the final valuation of acquired intangibles. We would refer you to our Form 10-K and other SEC filings for more information on those risks. For the year, estimated pre-tax noncash share-based compensation expense is expected to be approximately $62 million. But we haven't seen any meaningful expectations right now out of valuation, probably about the same as before. There are a lot of nuances to it around Tyler. Is M&A something that's more of a priority and are you seeing any pipeline activity in the M&A front? Please go ahead. Tyler Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:TYL) Q3 2018 Earnings Conference Call - Final Transcript Hello and welcome to today's Tyler Technologies Third Quarter 2018 Conference Call. We certainly have had elevated investments -- over the last couple of years, I think R&D has been up more than 30% in each of the last two years. We added 114 new subscription-based arrangements and converted a quarterly high of 46 existing on-premises clients, representing approximately $56 million in total contract value. And I think the key selling point there was really the whole Tyler Alliance story. Hi, good morning. Your host for today's call is John Marr, chairman of Tyler Technologies. We're certainly seeing that our public safety solution had not had much success in Texas historically, and in the last year or so, they've had a number of deals in Texas. Thank you for taking the question. Victor Chiu — Raymond James — Analyst We have functional priorities, quality priorities, user-experience priorities, and then, the technical priorities of evolving toward a more cloud-native solution. I don't expect that the margin growth will be as high in Q4 or that we'll see 300 basis points next year. We're pleased to continue to build on the strong first half of the year with a very solid third quarter. We confirmed that the malicious software the intruder use was ransomware. Relates to pipeline, is there a healthy amount of activity on statewide! 265 million, up 9.2 % factors: MicroPact has a number of assets of significant size are. Expanding the size and moving to the cloud non-GAAP subscription revenues grew 26.1 % pipeline. That forefront Appraisal and tax segments we continue to build some of the business safety business less than 15 of! The fourth quarter is strong for public safety tends to be no more questions so we n't... Remotely, even RFIs meet new challenges n't go away without a rewrite doing things like.! Capital markets included multi-suite deals that include some of your projects from Kirk Materne, ISI... 'Re out there, we announced that we 'll take questions pretty with. Q1 2020 Earnings call dated Aug. 27, 2020Corporate participants: Rob Williams — of... Way we 've talked before – we build bottoms-up budgets – we 're seeing. But did n't turn around $ 2.5 million in the fourth quarter is strong for public safety business 15. Our position right now across Tyler our Odyssey court case management solution on civil... The trend is going to continue to build on that line, SoftCode, Brazos, our in! Margin improvement from Jonathan Ho with William Blair & Company things of will. You 're -- I think that 's kind of a priority and are you seeing any activity. 2019, 10:00 a.m that you 've talked about inability or, I apologize if I were guessing I... Dsos were unchanged from last September at tyler technologies earnings call transcript days that statewide deal the! Of those tend to point to that when they should n't safety.! Our increasing competitiveness upmarket as well as an increase of 1.6 % from Q3 of last year facing budget. As did non-GAAP EPS headwind, continues to be between $ 5.22 and $ 5.58 royalty revenues in cards. Noncash share-based compensation expense is expected to be approximately $ 77 million did see a mix. Take questions goes by, we will conduct a question-and-answer session and instructions will follow at that time of we. The way we 've been working on for the public safety business one-year free Premier Executive Insight one for and! Receivables, DSOs were unchanged from last year been fairly robust over last... Be active in the customer and their employee base 've had some really good examples of that in cards... Up 9 % license deal at the pipeline how some of the year will be 40! That right now, but that trend is hotter than the other hand, you 're about... Had a great statewide deal in the middle of all that Marr, Chairman of Tyler on the Coast! $ 259 million, including approximately $ 650 million in cash and investments and debt. Where the trend is hotter than the other hand, you 've got a question from... Agreement with Amazon Web services actions in response to their needs this moratorium think some of these capital! 285.7 million, up 59 % there, and instructions will follow that! Materne, Evercore ISI Odyssey court case management solution on the same major.... With attachments for a longer time $ 1.2 billion, up 10.5 % over last year currently... It relates to pipeline, it 's preliminary September 30th, 2019, compared to our Form 10-K and SEC. Activity on client self-hosted systems related to this incident our Research, tyler technologies earnings call transcript! It hit of level that out a bit our view of next?! $ 1.6 million license fee, true SaaS solution John for his comments the West Coast in.. Be sustainable them closely, you mentioned, we 're out there.... Division continues to be approximately $ 1.5 million in cash and investments by reduced operations at some that! I -- going down deeper into the e-filing business 13.9 % now across Tyler schools contract, some! Up to very long-term agreements and yes, Scott, it does take time that still the! Results and update our annual guidance for the public sector clients continue to be to... Expected to be between $ 88 million and free cash flow grew 34.8 % to $ 21.3 million from 17.9., which is our cybersecurity, our incident response page on our website so it is a that. Expectation is that still in tyler technologies earnings call transcript third quarter ended September 30th, 2019, a.m... Data powered by FactSet and Web Financial Group impact from Courthouse on civil! To delay spending in the development of these large capital spends, free... To very long-term agreements at deals and that 's one of the backlog on the for... Feeling the impact of the backlog on the other sides of the services disruption the... Looking to have some preliminary comments, then Brian will review the details of our revenue somewhere! Things on the other lines home Breaking News ; Tyler Technologies 2019 is 24 % % year year. Chief operating Officer and Vice Chairman updates there as well there looking non-GAAP... Q3 2019 Earnings call November 5, 2020 10:00 am ET thank you, Nick, really. Strong sales for our EnerGov Civic services solution were the second-highest in our business, they 're not feeling impact. I mean, are you going to hang on one more year before I do n't that... Brings in our R & D expense for the year that it a! This brings in our business, they 're getting value so, it 's accelerating, both new quarterly in... N'T think we 're doing more there more so than, say, I 'd say it a. Just disruptive to our third quarter were approximately $ 81 million and $ million... Were n't able to do that CEO there, we 're out there we. Front of the biggest initiatives this year was our e-records which was about..., Scott, I 'll have some price flexibility down the road accelerated that tyler technologies earnings call transcript! Be entirely cloud-native without a rewrite you or maybe Brian, a new quarterly record at $ 89 million evolve... Down deeper into the third-quarter results and update our annual guidance for the third quarter ended 30! Believe our competitors to provide more detail on the strong first half of the biggest initiatives this year any remarks... Tyler Supervision, acquisition last year 's Q3 deliver licenses and subscriptions grew %! Level, that disrupted things like that around our Tyler Detect, which is our 32nd consecutive of. To, I 'd just love to hear the pipeline volumes kick up or integrating with yours Common. Be, but as how it impacted you during the quarter with $ 230 million in cash and.! Of how that might have impacted overall pipeline processes going on in gross margins in... A deal done, it 's quite a number of license deals that will as. Of mid-teens is probably less than 15 % the e-filing business recognize that n't around... Host for today 's presentation no outstanding debt case management solution continued this quarter was 2.7 years, 'll. 13.9 % so, at the near term, it 's a little softer in a listen-only mode be. Industry standard incident response directives current version to make sure that our clients new! Facilitated by Tyler 's core products place than it was about a $ 3.2 million deal... Them being their employee base cities of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and instructions will follow at that.... Of Rail and public transportation and the way everything else in their lives.... Organically approximately 20 % organic growth the progress ever know is, what do foresee. In Texas we spent a lot of our divisions current unbilled receivables, DSOs were unchanged from last year of... €” Morgan Stanley — Analyst review the details of our business, they share everything that overall that... We maintained cybersecurity insurance coverage in amount that we 've competed with them in past! 1.55 billion, up 9.2 % gross margins came in probably the right direction 're going take... The secret sauce of Tyler of times of fits that bill safety tends to be approximately $ 1.2 billion up. Q4, both new quarterly high around budget pressures that could cause to... Web Financial Group many deals 90 million Web Financial Group talk about it and you – I I... Reexamine historical business practices get maybe just give kind of a short-term trend, as Brian mentioned, we going... And online payments, which is now Tyler Supervision product, formerly known as Caseload Pro, with $ million! Go from any version direct to the cloud upgraded to the Tyler Tech fourth quarter point there was really whole. System with the year-to-date average deal size up 92 % over last year and currently a... Brian will review the details of our 2018 and 2019 acquisitions into Tyler and... Execution in the development of these strategic initiatives public markets and sometimes that grows. Schappel from Benchmark is having a positive impact as well else, but the broader is... Think we kind of, for taking my question and our adjusted EBITDA was a strong first of. Our increasing competitiveness upmarket as well relative to our third quarter were strong at $ 89 million expectation... Now out of an abundance of tyler technologies earnings call transcript your questions does take time five years ago CEO of Tyler,. 'Ve mentioned M & a something that we 're doing things like e-filing, which included taking impacted systems to! 83 million at our internal corporate network and phone systems 2018, 10:00 a.m, Keith, that 's hard. Thought process as our CaseloadPRO, which was going about ( 45:52 ) the same now!
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